Have you ever thought about creating and selling your own "Make Money Online" product? Well, think about this...
"You Can't Just Come Out And Sell Your Own 'Make Money Online' Product If You've Never Made Money Online Before, But You Can Do This..."
FACT: There Are LEGITIMATE Ways To Enter The "Make Money Online" Niche Even If You've Never Made A Dime Online In Your Life. Don't Believe Me? Keep Reading!
Dear Friend,

My name is William McCamment and I used to be the WORLD'S WORST ONLINE MARKETER.

It’s not because I’m an idiot... I’m at least as smart as the average primate... no, I was the world’s worst marketer because I fell for every online money-making system promising days on the beach in your underwear surrounded by gorgeous supermodels bringing you beer.
The truth is, I hardly ever had gorgeous supermodels bringing me beer. Usually, I just sat on the beach in my underwear surrounded by angry policemen.

And, in case you’re wondering: Tasers burn.

The worst part is… I KNEW BETTER!
None of those crazy online money-making techniques were going to work for very long, if at all.

So, in the bleakest of times… as I sat there in the back of the squad car… my eyes burning from the smoke of my smoldering underpants… I made this critical vow (and so should you):
Stop Wasting Time And Money On Promises Of Swashbuckling Adventure And Do Something You ALREADY KNOW Will Work!
Are you with me?

OK, so this message may have started off a little silly… but I needed to do something crazy to get your attention because what I'm about to show is critical to your online business.

If you’ve spent any time studying online marketing you already know one of the fastest ways to make money is to follow this simple 4-step process:
1. Create a "Make Money Online" Product
2. Sell it to the "Online Marketing" Crowd
3. Build a list of Enthusiastic Buyers
4. Sell more stuff to your list
Simple, right?

But, there's a problem...
"You Can't Just Come Out And Sell Your Own 'Make Money Online' Product When You've Never Made Any Money Online Before—Even If You've Studied Online Marketing Every Day For The Past Five-Years!"
You just wouldn’t feel legit and your fellow online marketers would sense it.

What’s sad is you probably have more online marketing knowledge than 99% of mainstream product creators out there just by the fact you check out the latest techniques and learn something "online marketing" related every day.

But, the problem with creating your own product in the "Make Money Online" niche is that you haven’t put any of that knowledge into practice so you don’t have any personal case-studies or proof of income to back up your claims.

So, selling a “make money online” product when you don’t have any functional experience is out of the question.

But, you can do this...
I’ve discovered a hidden concept that makes it easy for someone with no past history or proof of income to legitimately create valuable products for the Online Marketing community.

In addition, I’ve used this concept to give you a head start...

I’ve put together 16-Product Blueprints you can use right away to create your own first-product in the Make Money Online niche.
A Clever Solution To The "Credibility" Problem
You may be wondering how it's possible for someone with NO TRACK RECORD to create legitimate products that experienced marketers would not only want to buy, but also be thrilled with the quality of the content.

I know exactly how you feel.

In fact, I felt the same way when I tried to come up with my first "Make Money Online" product.

And, up until a few years ago, I nearly gave up trying to figure it out.

Even my family tried to convince me to "Give up" on this Internet Marketing thing and go get a "real" job.

But then one day something awesome happened: I found an interesting loophole to get around this barrier.

It's an ingenious idea for product creation that completely removes the need to prove you're some kind of expert or internet marketing guru... so you don't have to pretend you're something you're not!

Even better... I came up with a system anyone can use to create these kinds of products.

And, as you'll see below, my customers are loving it..
 What Other's Are Saying About Radioactive Seeds...
I'm so proud of this easy-to-understand 41-page eBook that I can't see straight, but I know you're not going to just take my word for it--and why should you?

So, here's what people were saying about an early version of Radioactive Seeds on the worlds most respected online marketing forum... the Warrior Forum:
Look, for a lot of people, it’s not even about the money, it’s more about showing your friends and family that you really can make money online and that you’re not crazy for NOT WANTING TO GO GET A REGULAR JOB THAT YOU’RE SURE TO HATE.

Here’s the way I see it:

Being a full-time marketer allows me to...
  • Be my own boss and control my own destiny - This has always been my biggest beef with working for someone else. You have no control over your own future. In my case, a freak accident (that I was not involved with) forced the whole company I worked for to close its doors and let all its employees go with no prior warning.
  • Do something I love instead of having every move I make dictated by some knucklehead - The truth is, I don’t take direction well. I really hate being told what to do all the time. I’m sure you do too.
  • Make my own hours - Don’t you hate having to get up and go to work for someone else? I mean, seriously… if you have to get out of bed to help build someone else’s dream, doesn’t that make you mad? It does me.
  • Be creative - I’m a naturally creative person and internet marketing allows me to express my creativity. That’s a big deal for me.
  • Help people - I have so many unique solutions and I genuinely love helping people. Internet marketing is a no-brainer profession for this kind of scenario.
Time To Get Serious
What Radioactive Seeds will do for you is simple: It will allow you to finally launch your online marketing career, help you build a list (of buyers, no less), and will effectively shove a sock into the mouths of those who doubt you.

I’m going to show you how you can legitimately enter the Make Money Online niche with your very first product. It shouldn’t matter if you’ve never made money online before because the concepts and product blueprints I provide in Radioactive Seeds won’t require any proof of income to make sales.

And, I’m even going to prove to you why it’s actually BETTER to start in this niche than, say… the Weight Loss niche.

We’ve all seen new products explode and make their creators tens of thousands of dollars in a matter of hours. I’m not promising you’ll have that kind of success with your first product or that you’ll have supermodels feeding you beer on the beach. But, the concepts contained in Radioactive Seeds are solid and really could go viral if you put just the right spin on them and market them effectively.

Just remember this: The real purpose of this product is not to teach you how to make a quick buck or to offer you temporary money-making gimmicks, it’s to get you started making sales, building a list and starting a real business in the Online Marketing niche.
Look, you’ve probably tried to make money as an affiliate and it just isn’t getting you anywhere. Believe me, I know. I’ve tried just about everything under the sun to make money online since 1995. But, as I’ve learned, you aren’t going to make much money as an affiliate until you have a good, responsive list. And, the best way to get a profitable list is to sell your own product.

Get Radioactive Seeds right now and start a REAL online marketing career. Stop wasting your time helping someone else get rich. You owe it to yourself.

Thanks for reading,

William McCamment 
AKA DeadRooster on Warrior Forum
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